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A prediction of the future for Xbox Gamers

That being the case, the discovery that the guide was not structured to allow for the easy integration of and expansion for the console version (Mojang has confirmed that the only version of the game for console play will be on the Xbox 360) the decision was made on the literal day that the guide was supposed to be submitted for publication to recast it completely — so we tore it apart and rebuilt it in its present form in order to make updating and expanding it later a more workable process.

Having said all of that it behooves us to point out that this fact notwithstanding, our recasting the guide to make the integration of the console version a major element of its focus in no way detracts from its value to players of the PC (Windows and Linux) and mobile versions (and we do plan to expand the content that applies specifically to the mobile versions later).

Some of the versions are more restrictive, some (notably the Linux Version) require the player to have at least a minimum of system and server administrative skills to really get the best out of the game — but in the end they all share a common thread of strategy and play style that easily translates into one game, one goal, and one voice.

As we close out this Introduction we want to expressly thank our editor, Rich, for his patience with us while we re-wrote the guide.  He was expecting it on a Tuesday and did not receive it until the following Sunday — not an ideal set of circumstances — but we are confident that the quality of its structure and content, and the process of making the guide more flexible for updating and expanding it makes it all worth it.

Minecraft is an extremely addictive game in which the player’s imagination and creativity are widely rewarded…  This is the simple answer to the question: What is Minecraft?

When you read about the game on most websites or ask gamers who are fans to describe the game to you, the most basic definition of Minecraft you will read and hear is that it is a sandbox-style game of building, survival, and adventure that was envisioned and created by the Swedish code-wizard Markus “Notch” Persson, and is now sold by his company, Mojang with versions for PC and some mobile platforms, and a version for Microsoft’s Xbox 360 released in 2012.

No, seriously, LEGO Minecraft – visit the official Minecraft Store and Believe!

A variation of the simple answer I heard from a gamer while I was covering the SecureWorld Expo for work was this: “Minecraft is LEGO for adults!”   There is more truth to that than fiction, because in the end for a lot of gamers that is precisely what Minecraft is, and particularly for players who prefer the Creative Mode of game play over Survival Mode.


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